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Saturday, January 14, 2017

story 1 : what you are expecting?

the thing i faced recently got me mad...
yeah, i love to having chat n conversation with anyone, but can't you help giving me an ideal about any conversation? what you are expecting on me? are you expecting that i will talk about whole thing about my life to stranger? 
this about facebook conversation i had just now
this one man requesting me as a friend and approve him in the evening, in night he messages me
then after a few minutes of the conversation, i think he block me because i can't response to his message. before this once i faced this situation.. oh man, i'm not entertainer and i am not going to entertain you. that's it.
do you think you are really approaching someone and can have them only for a few minutes? if you feel so, do what you want and that not going to be me.. that's it. 
because you know what, one man waited for me for three years, since once he lied to me. i can't accept him. so what you are expecting in me? i'm not a good person too. i have my own bad, i have my own ways. 

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